Abolition Of prostitution


The Women’s Coalition for the Abolition of Prostitution is a pancanadian, feminist and abolitionnist Coalition of seven national, provincial and local women’s groups whose members and the women they work with include prostituted women. The Coalition intervened in front of the Ontario Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada to defend a third position and will argue that the court should consider an asymmetrical approach to the application of the existing laws that differentiates between the victims of prostitution and the exploiters of prostitution.

The Women’s Coalition members work from coast to coast  providing front line crisis and anti-violence services and supports, representation and advocacy for women and girls who are or have been prostituted, who have been criminalized and incarcerated in relation to prostitution, who are trying to escape prostitution, who are targeted for or are at risk of being prostituted, and who have been subject to male violence, including prostitution. The Coalition members conduct and publish research informed by the experience and first-hand accounts of women in prostitution, including research on the unsolved cases of hundreds of missing and murdered Aboriginal women. The Coalition members develop educational programs and initiatives to prevent entry into prostitution and to address the poverty that drives women to enter prostitution.

What we want

  • We want equality
  • Liveable income
  • Decriminalization of women in prostitution
  • Criminalization of johns and pimps
  • Respect for Aboriginal rights, treaties, and the international human rights of Aboriginal women.

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